Train the Trainer


Author: Sara Burke, 2002
Contributors: Dena Plemmons and Michael Kalichman, 2005-2010

The following are examples of current programs available to 'train the trainers' of courses in responsible conduct of research. These are intended for instructors responsible for including some research ethics in their curricula, and/or for those faculty who have perhaps already incorporated RCR instruction into their curricula, but are ready to implement a more formal program of ethics education.


Teaching Research Ethics (TRE)
Indiana University

Since 1993, the Poynter Center at Indiana University has been offering an intensive annual 4-day workshop on Teaching Research Ethics (TRE. The workshop is designed to train science faculty members to meet new responsibilities to include research ethics in their curricula. The workshop enables participants to design syllabi or course units integrating substantive issues in research ethics. The format combines plenary issues-based presentations by noted faculty with intensive small group sessions for facilitated in-depth discussion, and breakout sessions.

Contact information:
Kenneth D. Pimple
Director, Teaching Research Ethics Programs

Indiana University
Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions
618 East Third Street
Bloomington IN

Teaching Survival Skills and Ethics
University of Pittsburgh

This annual conference provides faculty and administrators with the instruction and materials necessary to implement a program in professional development and ethics at their institution. The workshop emphasizes integrating ethics instruction throughout the curriculum and improving the institutional climate. Participants receive outlines, audiovisual aids, cases, handouts for students, reference materials, and an extensive bibliography. Participation is limited, and candidates must agree to attend the full workshop, use the experience to establish or improve an existing course in survival skills and/or ethics at their home institution for the following academic year, and participate in workshop evaluation. Priority is given to candidates who teach larger numbers of students, receive institutional support for their participation, submit a detailed plan for implementing ethics/skills instruction, and to those who train under-represented minorities.

Contact information:
Beth A. Fischer and Michael J. Zigmond

University of Pittsburgh
The Survival Skills and Ethics Program
University of Pittsburgh
Hieber Building, Suite 202
3500 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Train-the-Trainer Workshops
UC San Diego

Michael Kalichman and his colleague Francis Macrina (of Virginia Commonwealth University) have been teaching workshops on research ethics education since 2000. These workshops, emphasizing both foundational background and practical approaches, are typically scheduled for a half day or a full day. The content varies and is customized to the particular audience or institution. Since 2008, Kalichman and Macrina have been joined in teaching these workshops by Dena Plemmons. While the teaching of a full course in research ethics is often the focus of these workshops, the emphasis has shifted in recent years to emphasize opportunities and approaches for addressing these topics either across the curriculum or in the context of research.

Contact information:
Michael Kalichman

Research Ethics Program
UC San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093-0612

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