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Taking Notes

The purpose of this site is to provide resources and tools for teachers of research ethics.

The goal is to promote best practices and evidence-based research ethics education.


This is intended to be an inclusive effort.
If you have corrections or additions,
or if you would like to take on a more significant role
in contributing to this project,
please contact us at ethics@ucsd.edu.


What's New?


  • Introduction:
    Introductory material covering definitions of research ethics and ethics, rationales and goals for teaching research ethics, the fundamental importance of evaluating outcomes for research ethics education, and a portal to other useful online research ethics education resources.
  • Topics:
    Brief essays and resources covering selected topics in research ethics, including an overview of research ethics or responsible conduct of research (RCR).
  • Educational Settings:
    Descriptions and examples of various settings for teaching research ethics (classroom, Internet, etc.).
  • Discussion Tools:
    Descriptions and examples for a variety of tools and approaches for encouraging research ethics discussion (e.g., case studies, debates, surveys, and videos).
  • About Us:
    Brief summaries of the mission, history, contributors, and project directors for this website.