Journal Publications

Authors: Dena Plemmons and Michael Kalichman, 2008

The published literature in most academic disciplines frequently includes publications that are directly relevant to the ethical conduct of research. In all cases, the discipline specific nature of these publications maximizes their relevance for discussions not just in the classroom, but in the context of research.

Such publications can take several different forms, and are likely to be found in most fields:

  • Research that has been found to be fraudulent.
  • Editorials or commentaries about, for example, publication practices.
  • Reviews or surveys to highlight questionable practices.
The resources tab provides a few examples of such publications, but this should be viewed only as a starting point.

Retracted Research

  • Hwang WS, Roh SI, Lee BC, Kang SK, Kwon DK, Kim S, Kim SJ, Park SW, Kwon HS, Lee CK, Lee JB, Kim JM, Ahn C, Paek SH, Chang SS, Koo JJ, Yoon HS, Hwang JH, Hwang YY, Park YS, Oh SK, Kim HS, Park JH, Moon SY, Schatten G (2005): Patient-Specific Embryonic Stem Cells Derived from Human SCNT Blastocysts. Science 308(5729): 1777-1783 [Originally published in Science Express on 19 May 2005] [This article has been retracted]
  • Schön JH, Dorget M, Beuran FC, Zu XZ, Arushanov E, Cavellin CD, Lagues M (2001): Superconductivity in CaCuO2 as a result of field-effect doping. Nature 414: 434-436.[This article has been retracted]

Editorials and Commentaries

Research on Questionable Practices