National Advisory Panel on Research Integrity (NAPRI)

Authors: Michael Kalichman, 2010


  1. Facilitate awareness, conversations, resources and collaborations among individuals and organizations dedicated to advancing education and policies that promote research integrity (e.g., RCR, research ethics).
  2. Serve an advisory role to the larger community of researchers, institutions, funding agencies and accrediting bodies.

Current Priorities

  1. Establish clear definitions and expectations of ethics and research integrity education and training, as well as methods to assess their effectiveness.
  2. Change the institutional culture in ways that value and promote research integrity at all levels.
  3. Increase attention to ethics and research integrity in our international education and research collaborations.
  4. Promote creation and maintenance of national resources and clearinghouses for sharing and disseminating information about training programs, funding sources, and organizations.


Rather than a formal organization, NAPRI is structured to facilitate the dialogue of individuals with overlapping expertise in the area of research integrity and to make their opinions and advice available to the larger research community.  NAPRI will consist of a steering committee and an open ended list of individuals serving as liaisons to the various organizations, activities, resources, and agencies with lead roles in research integrity. 

Steering Committee

Phil Langlais and Mike Kalichman have agreed to continue as leaders of this committee.  We are seeking volunteers willing and able to contribute the time, effort, and responsiveness necessary for receiving and disseminating information about relevant research integrity activities.


The liaisons are intended to be points of contact to the diverse organizations and activities that are or will be serving as resources for research integrity education and policies.  Liaisons would typically be a single leader or representative from a particular area of research integrity.

The National Advisory Panel on Research Integrity (NAPRI) was created in response to a meeting convened by Philip Langlais (Old Dominion University) and Michael Kalichman (UC San Diego) at the offices of the Council of Graduate Schools on April 9, 2009.  The premise of the meeting was that the communication among the lead providers of resources for education in research integrity had not kept pace with the proliferation of such organizations and activities.  Subsequent communications by email and at meetings in San Diego (AAAS, February 21, 2010) and Cincinnati (APPE, March 6, 2010) resulted in the decision to form NAPRI effective March of 2010.